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Perfect Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Enliven Your Space

Your home lighting layout is simply incomplete without giving your bedroom the touch it deserves. Bedroom lighting layouts can stand out because they don’t necessarily have to follow the overall theme of your home, and they can flaunt their own distinct touch. And bedrooms can be the perfect spots to let your creativity work its magic as this is the space where you begin and end your day, and it can heavily influence your mood throughout your daily routine. 

There are countless things you can do to adorn your bedroom, both temporary and permanent. But lighting always has a more lasting impact on your space, and it is better to go with these than going for something of a smaller scale. Now even when it comes to lighting, you have a lot of options to choose from, and that’s where we help you out. Each lighting design has its own purpose, and it is important to figure out where and how you will be using each of them. You also have to be mindful of many things when it comes to bedroom lighting, mainly the ambient lighting designs, room colour temperature, the functionality of the lighting, customizability of the lighting and much more. Now take a look at everything we’ve got for your space. 

Focus on the ambience of the room 

A bedroom is synonymous with warmth and cosiness as this is the place that’s meant to be our escape from everything, and it is supposed to be the most comfortable resting place out of them all. And that’s exactly the reason why ambience is key to this space. As mentioned, go for lighting designs and colours that exude warmth into the space and let the place feel as cosy as possible. Go with lighting designs with a warm white colour or something similar to accentuate the aura of your space.

When it comes to picking the lighting designs, start with the ones that add soft lighting to your space and contribute to the overall lighting as well. What better ambient lighting design to go for than table lamps? Table lamps are just the lighting designs you need to add to your space to create a surreal visual in your bedroom. They are portable and can be shifted pretty easily to any other part of your room if you end up finding your layout boring. If you already have a table lamp, then consider going with a floor lamp, as it further enhances the look and feel of your space. 

Incorporate layered lighting into your bedroom

While ambient lighting is important, task lighting is important too, as you will find yourself carrying out specific tasks in your bedroom too that would require slightly intense lighting. Now, layered lighting includes three elements in total – ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. While we have covered ambient lighting for you, let’s focus on the other two to give your bedroom a gorgeous finishing touch. 

Don’t miss out on an overhead lighting design, as it adds just the functionality you need for your space, and it can double up as an ambient lighting fixture too, if you choose a dimmable hanging light for your room. Chandeliers, ceiling lights or pendant lights, pick whichever looks best in your bedroom. If you have a study or a reading nook in your bedroom, consider placing a pendant light right above it, as it can lend perfect illumination to that functional space. 

When it comes to accent lighting, you can use wall lights or table lamps again to highlight any specific decorative element in your bedroom. 

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