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Petroleum Jelly moisture booster

Petroleum Jelly is a by-product of crude oil refining. It is composed of mineral oil and beeswax, similar to skin creams but with greater toughness and flexibility. Most people use it to keep their lips and skin moisturized. which helps relieve dry, peeling lips and chapped skin.

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with petroleum jelly as a moisturizing agent It has coating properties and prevents water in the skin from evaporating off the skin. And studies have shown that petroleum jelly locks in more than 170 times more water in the skin than olive oil, and it’s cheap and easy to find.

The benefits of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can be used for many purposes.

  1. Add moisture from head to toe.

Most people use petroleum jelly to nourish dry lips and skin. But its hydrating and water-locking properties can be applied to other parts of the body as well.

– Used to nourish hair to reduce dry hair, split ends or break easily.

– Used to solve dry and cracked heels. Just soak your feet in warm salt water. Then pat your feet dry and apply petroleum jelly on the cracked heels. Wear socks to prevent petroleum jelly from staining the floor or things. When performed regularly, it may help dry, cracked heels. Soft and moist.

– Used to nourish nails, coat nails and restore nails from manicure too often.

– Apply to the skin in areas that often rub and cause pain or wounds, such as the back of the ankle above the heel that often rubs with shoes until there is a problem with shoe bites.

– Apply to the bottom or baby’s skin before wearing a diaper. To prevent and relieve diaper rash But parents should talk to your doctor or pharmacist about choosing petroleum jelly that is gentle on your baby.

– Relieves dry, cracked and inflamed skin from various types of dermatitis and psoriasis.

– Relieve pain from hemorrhoids by applying petroleum jelly to the anus. to help reduce friction during excretion

  1. Use first aid for mild wounds and burns.

When small and mild wounds or burns appear on the skin After first aid, wash the wound thoroughly and pat dry. Petroleum jelly may be applied to the wound to coat the injured skin. This may help the wound heal better and reduce the risk of infection.

However, it should not be applied to wounds from newly sunburned skin. And if the wound or burn is large, severe, profuse bleeding, infected wound, or ruptured, petroleum jelly should not be used. But the wound should be cleaned, stopped bleeding, and rushed to the hospital for proper treatment.

  1. Other Petroleum Jelly Benefits

Petroleum jelly may also be used in certain situations, such as:

– Apply to the skin prior to hair coloring or manicure to reduce the chance of dye tracking the skin.

– Use in place of makeup remover cleanser

– Apply to the skin before spraying perfume. This may help the perfume last longer.

– Used to lubricate things like when the ring can’t be removed

Although petroleum jelly can be used in many situations, you should study the correct method and use it carefully.

Precautions when using petroleum jelly

Before using petroleum jelly The following precautions should be understood first.

– Petroleum jelly is for external use only. Taking petroleum jelly into your body can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting.

– Should be kept away from babies, small children and pets.

– Do not use petroleum jelly with condoms. This can cause condoms to tear and deteriorate, leading to unintended pregnancy and STDs. Instead, use a lubricating gel designed specifically for use with condoms.

– Petroleum jelly may not be suitable for oily skinned people. easily clogged skin and skin prone to acne

– Always use cleansers and cleansers to wash away petroleum jelly. Because petroleum jelly cannot be dissolved in water.

– Petroleum jelly can cause allergic reactions. especially in infants After the first use, parents should notice skin rashes and other allergic reactions. If abnormalities are found, discontinue use. clean skin and go see a doctor

Petroleum jelly is just a skin care product. not medicine It may only relieve some symptoms. without being effective in treating disease If used, the symptoms do not improve. more severe symptoms or found abnormal symptoms especially red and swollen rash Should stop using and see a doctor.

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