Tech Skills Employers Seek in 2023

It is not a surprise that we live in an era of new technologies. Tech skills are highly sought after by employers and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Take an active role and start learning new things to find a new and better job. Learning a tech skill is a great option, and here’s why.

The Benefits of Learning a Tech Skill

Learning a tech skill has become an option for many people in the last few years. A large amount of job opportunities is only one of the reasons why people choose this path. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You can become a tech professional without a bachelor’s degree. The tech industry has become famous for self-made workers. It has many professionals who learn everything they know on their own with free resources, or you could join a coding bootcamp. Either way, big tech companies like Google or Amazon don’t require the candidates to have a computer science degree. They can prove they have the skills with portfolios and experience. 
  • Tech professions have higher salaries than most sectors. According to The Washington Post, tech salaries are 66 percent higher than other jobs. So you will be choosing a career with many job openings needed to meet the demand, with excellent salaries.
  • The tech industry is famous for its benefits and perks. Offices with nap rooms, on-site gyms, free massage, chef meals, and pet-friendly offices are only a few of the perks that come with working for a tech company. Many also offer other benefits like student debt reimbursement and family benefits that can’t compare with other industries.
  • You could be part of the change. We are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, most tech companies are creating or offering services that have a real impact on society. So, you will have a job with a purpose that makes a difference. 
  • You could have a remote career and live wherever you want. Most tech jobs only require a computer and an Internet connection. If traveling around or experiencing different cities is something you want, a tech career may be the perfect path for you.

Tech Skills in High Demand

If you reach this point in the article, you are probably considering it already. But how do you know which skill is right for you? There are thousands of possible paths you could choose. It really depends on what skills you already have and what you want in the future. Here are some tech skills that are in high demand that you could research. You can learn all of these in a coding bootcamp.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science trying to replicate human intelligence. Machine learning is a subset of AI that teaches computers how to learn. Different algorithms train computers to predict events and improve their accuracy every time they make a mistake. 

Both of these areas have become essential in the processing of data. And with the increased use of technology, big data is only getting bigger, and the need to squeeze powerful insight from it is growing. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computer power, storage, and services through the Internet. It has become very popular because it is more affordable than the alternative of each company maintaining its own digital structure. 

It makes it easy for businesses to grow or reduce their computing needs without monetary losses. The most popular platforms are AWS and Microsoft Azure, and knowing how to use them is a highly demanded skill.

Full Stack Development

Full-stack developers are professionals that can design, develop, deploy, and maintain a website or application from start to finish. In the tech industry, some developers specialize only in front-end or back-end, but a full stack developer can do all the programming tasks. 

In Summary

There are many benefits to learning tech skills, such as higher salaries, awesome perks and benefits, and having a job with purpose. But the best part is that you don’t need to spend four years in university to make a career, and the chances of finding yourself without a job if you learn a tech skill are slim. 

You can start by researching AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and full-stack development to see if they are careers that could adapt to your personality and strengths. If not, many other industry options will still give you many opportunities.

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