The Advantages, Prices, and How to Use Keg Pump

Keeping beer in good condition is not always possible without proper management. It would be best if you used a pump that will keep pressure flowing smoothly while ensuring there are no leakages at the end. If you have a party, a keg is indispensable in providing that it is successful with beer.

If you need to keep your beer steady, use better equipment. Although you may tap beer without a pump, it is essential to know that a pump will help you know whenever the keg runs empty. In some cases, pumps come with free prizes, such as a glass for taking beer. A barrel will prevent your beer from tasting flat by preventing gas leaks.

How to buy a pump for kegs

The pump is always easy to use and requires no power or regulator. Choose a pump that is easy to clean and does not rust. If unsure, always inquire from the seller to get the best pump. Identify one with a long and flexible hose pipe. It will help you move around with ease without making unnecessary adjustments. It should also be easy to assemble and install without any tools.

The best pump is always compatible with many brands. It reduces the hustle of walking around looking for the compatible type. Usually, the pump should fit both traditional and modern kegs. The coupler is present to allow for providing the beer tapping system. Seals always come along with the pump and are not purchased separately.


The different types of pumps vary in price. Usually, the most expensive keg pump will have more features. Large-scale companies that require massive beer production will need you to spend more. Small kegs will also require small pumps, which are affordable or cheap. Therefore, the price depends on your output and the size of the pump you need.


Beer pumps are essential and help you save more energy. It is because they don’t use electricity; therefore, there’s no power consumption. Rarely will they get damaged, and they will have longer lifespans if you ensure proper maintenance. In addition, a beer pump improves preservation by making it last longer without going bad.


To install a beer pump:

  1. Connect it to the cylinder and attach it to the coupler.
  2. Rotate it clockwise and lock the lower handle.
  3. Open the faucet to release any pressure and close it.
  4. Pump a few strokes to confirm if it’s working well.
  5. Open the tap again to allow the beer out of the keg.
  6. Always remember to clean the pump after use for prolonged performance.


Beer pumps are the most efficient way to preserve alcoholic drinks. Although the prices differ among various brands, you will always find a better pump by looking at the features. Always use our list of features to confirm when purchasing the pump.

Also, proper use will prolong its performance. You can go on to use your pump or buy one to get started with your party or brewing business. Check keg pumps price in Kenya.

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