The Cost of Air Duct Cleaning – What You Should Expect to Pay

Air duct cleaning companies typically charge a flat rate based on home size, number of vents and other factors. If your ducts have become heavily polluted with mold or mildew growth, however, additional charges may apply to clean them properly.

Mildew and mold growth in your ductwork can release airborne spores that lead to respiratory ailments, potentially contributing to more costs due to extensive fungus growth or rodent droppings. When additional costs such as mold remediation arise due to extensive contamination by rodent droppings, hiring an additional mold removal contractor could add further to their expenses. Why is duct cleaning important?

While exploring the variances in the cost factors of air duct cleaning, it’s pivotal to understand that the rates can also diverge based on the geographic location and the unique services offered by local providers. For instance, in the Pacific Northwest, inhabitants often seek out services that specifically cater to their region’s distinct climatic conditions. Those who prioritize maintaining a healthy indoor environment by ensuring their air ducts are free of debris and allergens might explore options for Regular air duct cleaning in Portland, Oregon. Willard Duct Cleaning, for instance, offers specialized services in this region, aligning their expertise with the locality’s specific needs, thereby ensuring your investment in air duct cleaning is both cost-effective and qualitatively unparalleled.


Dirty ducts harbor contaminants that compromise indoor air quality in both homes and businesses. Cleaning them may help relieve symptoms associated with allergies, autoimmune disorders and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Debris must be cleared away from ducts and vents using specialized equipment. A technician begins by inspecting the system to identify trouble spots; next they vacuum out the ductwork while using brushes and air compressors to loosen debris.

Foam board and fiberglass ducts tend to be easier for professionals to clean than flexible ducts; their cost for cleaning a 1,500-square-foot home averages $25-50 per supply vent.

Some professionals charge per vent they clean while others offer whole-house pricing options. As more vents need cleaning, the higher your bill will be; an experienced contractor should take time to explain exactly what their plans include and how they determine pricing.


Air duct cleaning Charleston can be difficult to reach for homeowners without professional help, making accessing them hard. Even if you did manage to gain entry, cleaning them would require special tools like brushes and vacuums used by professionals.

Duct cleaning companies typically base their pricing structure on either home size, vent number or per-square-foot rate; additional factors may impact this figure such as job duration.

Ductwork can become home for more than just dirt and dust; it may also become home for rodents like mice and rats who leave droppings and nests that further pollute indoor air quality. If this occurs, professional extermination services may need to be hired in order to eliminate them from your environment.

Make the most of your air duct cleaning costs by tidying before the technician arrives and providing them with access to all vents. Plan this work during a time when you can stay home while they complete their task instead of scheduling it around baby naptime or an important Zoom meeting.

Asbestos Removal

Your house’s ductwork wasn’t designed for you to open and clean yourself without using special equipment, making the task dangerous without professional services. Professional duct cleaners use commercial-grade tools designed specifically to dislodge dirt, dust, mold spores, rodent droppings, pet hair, bacteria and other contaminants from air ducts before sealing them back with new sealants for proper airflow.

Detectors must remove or encapsulate asbestos before cleaning ductwork that contains it, since asbestos is a toxic fibre which causes serious illnesses including mesothelioma. Asbestos was often found in building materials like floor tiles, roofing shingles, siding and insulation used in older homes.

Dependent upon the size and number of vents in your home, costs associated with cleaning your ductwork can vary widely. Make sure that you gather multiple quotes, compare prices between companies that comply with NADCA standards for assessment, cleaning, and restoration as well as inquire into potential whole home or per vent fees that could increase overall costs.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation involves the removal of any building materials affected by mold growth, including drywall, insulation and carpeting. It’s an intensive and time-consuming process; remediation companies must take extra precautions in this step to avoid spreading spores further – they double bag all materials before disposing them – which adds costs to overall projects.

Rodents and insects often find shelter in ductwork, leaving behind droppings and nests as evidence of their presence. A rat infestation may cause respiratory illness; to ensure optimal results during cleaning procedures, an exterminator must first be hired – typically costing $150-500 for this service.


Air duct sanitizing, which involves spraying antibacterial disinfectant into air ducts, can help prevent future mold and mildew growth. However, it’s crucial that any conditions which led to its creation in the first place be addressed as otherwise the issue will recur; such measures might include fixing leaky ductwork connections or sealing up attic areas or dealing with condensation issues.

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