The Family Car Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Vehicle

When you are young and carefree, the driving force to buy a new car is fun, advanced features, speed, and even good looks that people would envy. However, as you evolve and start a family, there is so much more to consider before you can make that impulsive decision. India has witnessed a steep rise in family car sales over the past decade, owing to comfort and functionality. Whether it’s a regular car or an electric vehicle that you may have in mind, we have put together some pointers that will guide you towards making the perfect choice for you and your family.

Checklist Of an Ideal Family Car

Buying a family car goes beyond picking the latest model of a top-end brand. There is so much more you need to look out for like vehicle wrap quality ample boot space, top-notch safety, affordability, superior quality, high functionality, and so on. Let’s take a look at these in detail.

Safety: For anyone, the safety of the family is the topmost priority, isn’t it? Since safety is of paramount importance, pick a model that comes with best-in-class safety features. Most modern car models have basic safety features, we recommend you to cross-check the presence of essential safety features like parking sensor, reverse camera, airbags, speed-sensing door lock, collision sensing door unlock, autonomous emergency brakes ISOFIX child anchors if you are planning on using a child seat.

Road accidents are common in India, we suggest that you also get the best car insurance to give your car overall protection. You can now compare different car insurance online to get maximum coverage at a reasonable cost. If your car involves in an accident, engine repair costs and other parts replacement may pinch your pocket, but well-rounded insurance can bail you out in such situations.

Budget: Cars that are built for family use are usually higher in cost when compared to other small cars, so you should be ready to flex your budget a little to find a car that fits your requirement. Plan your budget carefully, most companies offer instant loans to help you with the finances. Once you have decided on the model, you can also apply for a car loan. Your monthly EMI will vary based on several factors like the amount of down payment, tenure, etc. Most banks finance up to 75 -80% of the on-road price of the car, you can also try the car loan EMI calculator online to get a fair idea of the tentative EMI amount and a detailed breakup of the principal amount, interest amount applied, and the processing fee.

Space: Remember that with family comes the extra shopping bags, bicycles, strollers, pets, and luggage for those long, memorable road trips. So, space has a huge impact on your buying decision. You would want to explore car models that provide ample space to accommodate everyone with ease, even if it means with some extra boxes. You would also want to check the space between the rows, very often the leg space is cramped for the second row, which may make the people sitting on the rear seat uncomfortable. While you are at the showroom, have the tallest family member sit at the rear seat and check if they can stretch the legs forward without any obstacles and discomfort.

Functionality: Look for a family car that comes with practical features like higher mileage, easy maintenance, readily available spare parts, good after-sales service. We even recommend you to pick a family car that has minimal interiors so that cleaning dirt and grime from the nooks can be done easily. Go with material for the seat that is stain and less prone to wear and tear. Adding a touch screen headrest-mounted LED screen is a great way to keep your brood entertained on those long family holidays.

Always set up for a test drive to get a first-hand feel of being behind the wheels. Take your time to check all features, don’t be in a rush. While taking the test drive, observe all minute details, like engine noise while driving.  Keep your options open and explore all brands, you never know which model may just tick mark all the above categories.

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