Thinking of travelling from Paris to Amsterdam? Here’s how Trainline can help you!

Definitely the tourist attractions in Paris will sway you off your feet. While you take a tour of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll be amazed by its beauty. Also, it would be unfair if you didn’t take out time for yourself, only sit by one of the most famous roadside cafes in Paris, the Café de Flore, and try out its amazing food and beverages in the morning. Whether you are a resident, or a traveller from a foreign land; there are a few essential things that you ought to do while you are in Paris. Because if you haven’t done these things, then you haven’t really visited Paris!

From Paris to Amsterdam

While there are so many things to be explored in Paris, there will be a time when you’d want to explore more places after Paris too. You’ll surely miss the aura that Paris has especially for the travellers, but since an explorer has no limits, you’d need to leave someday to explore other destinations which are on your list. If the next destination on your list is Amsterdam, then the best way to travel to it is through trains. Many people may wonder why trains? When you have the benefit of flying via flights and reaching in no time.

Well, these people haven’t really experienced the essence of a journey. Journey is the most beautiful thing that you’d get to experience; destination is merely a cherry on the top. Journey is the real travelling experience you’d never forget and you can make it more amazing by adding hassle-free travel by travelling with Trains. Checkout, compare and choose the best train routes for yourself with Trainline.

Stunning locations you cannot miss in Amsterdam

First and foremost, Amsterdam is a walking tale of a traveller’s city, which should definitely be on your list if it isn’t already there. Here are some of the most stunning locations which are based in Amsterdam, which you shouldn’t miss if you are travelling via train.

1. Rijksmuseum

So much is fixed in the Rijksmuseum that you’d be completely amazed by everything that it has to offer to you. With the museum you’ll find more than 1 million artworks. It is so spacious that it can display more than 8000 pieces at one single time. At this museum you shouldn’t miss the great hall because it is one of the most beautiful galleries you’ll ever see. Most importantly, you shouldn’t miss Vermeer’s paintings and Jan Steen’s paintings. Not to mention if you are in the Rijksmuseum then you should definitely see Rembrandt’s paintings. Also, one of the top highlights of the Rijksmuseum is the Rijksmuseum library.

2. Anne Frank House

Everyone knows the historical roots behind this house, but as a visitor you’ll realise there is a lot more to this house than what is mentioned of interest. Yet, it is important to note and be aware of the fact that it is a museum with a great story behind it. This house tells the story of Anne Frank very creatively. The story unfolds with various quotes, photos, film clips, and original items including the bookcase and the pictures from Anne’s room. Not just that, it also displays the most famous Anne Frank’s diary, which gave an insight into some really horrific times. This would definitely interest someone who has a keen interest in history.


3. Van Gogh Museum

What is life without art? After all, that is the one thing that makes us understand stuff a lot more than mere reality. While you walk through the Van Gogh Museum, you’ll walk through their largest collection of paintings and drawings from which are widely famous. In Amsterdam, this museum genuinely houses the world’s largest collection of the works of the world’s most famous artists like Vincent van Gogh. Along with that, it also houses his paintings, his drawings, and letters. Not just that, it is also famous for housing various paintings of his contemporaries too.

How to travel to Amsterdam from Paris via Trainline?

Well, definitely the destinations in both Paris and Amsterdam will take your breath away and make your travelling experience unforgettable. But, most importantly, your travelling journey will be hassle-free if you are travelling by train. With the help of an excellent platform like Trainline, you can book and travel by train to your desired destination in Europe. If you want a taste of extra luxury during your journey then you should definitely book Thalys’ Premium (First Class) tickets, which also include seat-dining and access to their Thalys lounge in Paris before you board.

Travel cheap and travel smart with Trainline

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