Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Stuffed Toys

Everyone is obsessed with things, and it can be anything from an item to some habits like gardening, cleaning their home, cooking, and many more. For instance, some people like to clean their vehicles like cars, bikes as they love their vehicles. Many others like to keep their homes clean for their obsession with cleanliness is a good habit to keep. Others are obsessed with some of their favorite items too. It can be a toy, phone, some gifted item, etc. But do you know someone who is obsessed with their stuffed toys? If yes, then it takes a lot to maintain one.

Undoubtedly, cleanliness is a good habit because cleanliness is a must. Cleaning your stuffed toys is necessary because they attract a lot of dust, and when kids play with them, they throw the toys everywhere, making them dirtier. Besides, toddlers or babies put everything, including their teddy toys, in their mouth, and so in case it’s their favorite toy, cleaning becomes even more important.

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When it comes to kids, especially toddlers, stuffed toys and teddies like Plush Bear can be their all-time favorite. Kids will continue to play with their favorite toys irrespective of if they are dirty or not. But it’s the responsibility of the elders to clean the toy every 2-3 days. Cleaning is important for it can also make kids fall sick if left unclean and can be the breeding ground for many bacteria too that may cause infections

Here are few tricks and tips to keep your own or your kids’ toys and stuffed animals clean and safe to play with.

1. Always ensure not to wash your toys with cold water or extremely hot water. It may damage the fabric of the stuffed toys. Wash them with a little lukewarm water to keep them soft as earlier.

2. Use a net laundry bag or some pillowcase to protect your teddies that won’t damage them.

3. While cleaning teddy bear furs or cleaning the entire teddy bear, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to be gentle with it. Always read the labels and use a good quality of detergent that will not be harmful to their fabric.

4. When you clean the teddy bear in a washing machine, make sure that you don’t add any colorful clothes with it as there will be chances of color run.

5. And when air-dry the toys just squeeze the water with a towel and let it dry naturally in the sun.

6. When you wash your stuffed toys with your hands in a basin full of detergent and water or in a water tub, ensure that you wear your pair of rubber gloves, use a good quality detergent that is not harmful for the fabric, and soak it in the bubbling water for at least 5-10 mins. Rub the toy gently, and then rinse it with clean water until the foam completely comes out and make the toy clean. Squeeze the excess water and dry it with a towel or keep it under the sunlight to make it completely dry.

Final Words

Hope these cleaning tips and tricks will help to keep your beloved teddy bears and other stuffed toys in top-notch condition. Above all, just in case if reading all this arose your interest in teddy bears and you want to buy them, then Giant Teddy will be your ultimate destination.

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