Top Techniques Recruiters Can Employ to Boost Their Productivity 

To those not related to the recruitment function, hiring and retaining talent may seem easy, however, recruiters know how complex and endless the various tasks can be, often making completing them impossible. Some productivity tips recruiters can consider getting more things done in a better way.

Automate Repetitive and Daily Tasks

You should actively consider automating your administrative tasks by implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) if you find most of your workday passing by in routine daily tasks and leaving you hardly any time to address critical matters. It is typically a cloud-based system permitting Crosshair Product Reviews recruiters to manage the entire hiring process comprising posting jobs across different channels and networks, using a central resource to access all job boards, reviewing resumes and conducting background checks, maintaining a pool of potential candidates, engaging and informing candidates, and obtaining an overall view of every candidate’s profile, status, and performance.

Prepare Recruitment Checklists

According to, a reputed recruitment and staffing agency, creating a recruitment checklist is one of the most effective ways of making the recruitment process faster. It helps the recruiter obtain approvals to fill positions, develop the relevant job descriptions, put out recruitment notices, shortlist applicants, schedule interviews, and make offers to those who make the mark. Having a recruitment checklist means you do not have to start from scratch every time you have a position to fill.

Maintain a Talent Pool

It can be time-consuming to look for new candidates each time you have a position to fill. You can increase your efficiency by maintaining a pool of potential candidates that you can quickly leverage when needed. You can build the talent pool by including the resumes of people with suitable profiles who may not have been successful in their earlier attempts to get a job with your company, persons referred to you, or those you have identified through various other means. With time, you can add so much depth to your talent pool that you may not have any need to depend on external sources for candidates. Building a talent pool also allows recruiters to build a community and engage with blog posts or newsletters.

Manage Your Email Better

According to Harvard Business Review, quoting a McKinsey study, professionals spend around 28% of their time on emails. If you spend too much time reading and responding to emails, you should set aside a designated time every day to catch up on your emails and address more important things for the rest of the time. Keeping aside 30 minutes the first thing in the morning and before winding up work for the day can help increase productivity. Setting message rules, designating separate folders for incoming mail, using color codes for important senders, and creating sample email templates are some other methods of improving email productivity as per CTN News.


One of the best ways, recruiters can get more things done is by avoiding multitasking. Instead, focus on completing a single task in a given time by avoiding distractions and planning your day. The key to being productive also lies in your ability to prioritize the workload, keeping in mind the impact of each task on the organization.

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