Trendy Designs of Gold Chains With Pendants to Glam-up Every Ensemble

In India, gold chains have been part of women’s jewellery collections since time immemorial. Gold holds immense cultural, social and religious significance – adorned by the bride on her wedding day, gifted to the newborn to rejoice in birth and beginnings, or even bought to celebrate cultural festivals. Fitting so many different occasions and emotions, gold chains have taken several shapes and moulds over the years. 

Today, the gold chain with pendant variation has swept the fashion industry off its feet. It is their versatility which makes them so popular. The ornaments can be paired with subtle workwear and high-fashion looks alike. So, let us now dive into the various types of gold chains with pendants you can explore to find something that complements your fervour and style.

Define Your Style With Your Choice of Gold Chain With Pendant

A gold chain with a pendant can elevate an otherwise understated look, or complement it to enhance its luxurious quietness. On the other hand, you can also style it with a loud colour palette. Bring in some form of subtlety with the accessories and make the outfit look more cohesive. 

Gemstone-Embedded Centre-Piece

As mixing metals is another major trend all over social media, at the moment – you can explore pendants experimenting with the same concept. Buy gold chain pendant designs which feature the traditional yellow gold sheen, and accents of white gold infused with diamonds and a gemstone. 

Gemstones can be of various colours like a blue topaz, a navy sapphire, a violet or a pink amethyst, and more – so, you can pick your favourite! 

You can particularly choose a gold chain with an interesting pendant – possibly in the shape of a firefly, a butterfly, a heart, etc. Not only do they add a unique element to the overall look but they also symbolise great meaning integrated through your life story. 

Gold Chains with Dangling Charms

You can opt for a chain with more than one dangling charm to enhance the overall intrigue of the outfit. As you walk or move around, the delicately resting charms on your decolletage area are fueled to move and tinkle, adding an extra dimension to your look. The different charms can also serve as sources of positive luck in various fields – one for love, one for career and the last one for attaining self-sufficiency. 

Show-Stopping Pendant Designs

On the other side of the style spectrum, you may enjoy intricate and elaborate designs for the centre-piece of your gold chain. In that case, make sure to check out chains with show-stealing pendant designs. 

You can pair these with fancy outfits for special occasions, events and even for daily wear to look fabulous all the time! Your inner shine should never take a day off – and make sure that’s the case with these chains with pendant variations.

Style Your Gold Chain With a Pendant on Various Occasions 

Beyond style and aesthetics, investing in gold chains should come with a guarantee of being wearable on every occasion! If you’re a gold girlie, you probably never get tired of putting on your gold jewellery. Especially since gold chains are a basic essential – they are hardly ever a skip! So, we recommend you opt for a gold chain design you can interchangeably wear to the following types of events. 

For Office Events

Whether you’re celebrating a cultural event at your office or your boss is throwing a get-together party in the evening – a gold chain with a pendant is the perfect cherry on top of your emerald-green, formal, evening dress. It is neither overwhelming nor too dressed down and it instead finds a middle ground between the two extremes. It is just the right accessory to make your outfit pop.

For Family-Get Togethers

When your family throws a tea party or a get-together among relatives and friends – you have to dress as the host! So, bring out your blingiest outfit. To go with all the glam and still maintain a sense of personal style – put on your high-on-sparkle pendant and gold chain duo.

For Your Birthday

Are you shopping for the latest gold pendant chain designs to wear on your birthday? On the day which celebrates you, your qualities and how far you’ve come – you can find the most iconic gold chain with a pendant which will make you feel like the queen that you are. 

Final Word On Finding Your Slay-Ingredient

A gold chain with a pendant may arguably be the most essential ornament in your jewellery safe. So, it is of utmost importance that you pick out the perfect one! To be able to wear the chain with a pendant over and over again throughout the years, pick something according to your style, preference, types of occasions you usually attend and of course, your budget. 

Mia by Tanishq makes it a point to bring only the most innovative, yet timeless and wearable styles of gold chains with pendants to its customer base.

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