Electric motors are used everywhere including pumping the water we drink. It works by converting electrical to mechanical energy. Reactive maintenance is carried out when the equipment breaks down. Preventive measures helps in preventing the machine from breaking down. It helps to avoid the high electric motor price in Kenya. Predictive strategy.

The electric motor has proven to be a very useful piece of equipment since the time it was invented. Many objects including cars, motorcycles, and even toys need electric motors to work. It works by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. This happens when the electricity makes the motor rotate.

Like any other type of machine, it is essential to maintain the electric motor because proper maintenance maximizes the availability of the engine. It also reduces breakdowns of the device and protects your investment by ensuring a long and productive life cycle. This article will talk about the maintenance types carried out on a motor.

Reactive maintenance.

With this type of strategy, maintenance is only carried out when equipment breaks down. Although not recommended for all situations, it can be used when the electric motor is not being used in non-critical cases, or another engine is used as a spare part. It is also acceptable when the tools are readily available.

Preventive maintenance

Different from reactive maintenance, this strategy applies all options available to avoid the machine from breaking down. This will make the electric motors available all time; thus, there are no costly production stops.

The preventive strategy helps you avoid the high electric motor prices in Kenya because it maintains the machine’s spare parts, thus is no need to buy them. They include practices such as

Bearing and screws inspection

You can decide to check out the motor’s bearings and screws to see if they are tightly bound or if they are worn out. The maintenance team should tighten any loose screws before the motor is turned back on. If the bearings are too hot, that could signal a problem in the motor in that it may be overheated.


It is crucial to keep the machine clean at all times. Cleaning it will help remove dirt and oils, which, when it comes in contact with different parts of the electric motor, usually causes it to break down. This means you spend a lot in replacing the electric motor because of the high electric motors price in Kenya.

Inspections of brushes.

Always make sure that you check the carbon brushes at least once every six months to replace the worn-out brushes and clean the dirty ones. It would be best if you inspected brush pressures and their positions during this procedure.

Predictive strategy.

This strategy uses actual conditions of equipment to determine when and what needs maintenance and at which period. The state of various machine components is assessed by different on and offline measurements. It ensures that maintenance is performed only when necessary, thus minimizing downtime and cost.


Each strategy comes with its disadvantages and advantages, so detailed knowledge on the criticality of the electric motor on the operation is vital for determining the right approach. Knowing how to carry out any strategies precisely will help you maintain your electric motor in excellent working condition. Source:

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