Types of popcorn machines and precautions to take while using the machine

The device is also known as a popcorn popper, is an electrical appliance that uses microwaves or heat to popcorn. Popcorn is a popular snack produced by explosively expanding heated corn kernels. The very first popcorn maker was the massive machine invented in 1885 by Charlie Creators. There is the development of more improved and efficient versions over time.

Types of popcorn machines

There are several popcorn device types in the market. Each one of them has different features and specifications. A few of the principal kinds of popcorn machines are as follows;

  1. Commercial popcorn machines

These types are mainly used to produce large amounts of popcorn. They are primarily applicable in crowded places like malls and cinema theatres. However, commercial popcorn machines occupy ample space since they are huge. It contains a kettle that pops the corn kernels using a motor that evenly spreads them and a heating element.

  1. Microwave popcorn popper

This kind of popcorn popper is placed in a microwave, just as its name suggests. The user dumps the corn kernels in a popper and then puts them in a microwave. In this case, you do not require oil as the popper pops the kernels using microwaves. You can add some butter using the popper’s lid in case you want it.

  1. Hot air popcorn device

As its name suggests, this popcorn machine mainly uses hot air to pop the corn kernels. This popper primarily consists of a fan which circulates scorching air. The hot air vaporizes moisture in the corn kernels, making them pop out. This kind of popper does not require oil, hence reducing calories.

  1. Stovetop popcorn popper

This popcorn popper is the ideal choice for preparing popcorn while at home. Before popping corn, you should wash and then season the machine first. One can season the pan using vegetable oil. You should maintain the stove at moderate heat. The pan is tilted at uniform intervals to spread the corn kernels equally to ensure that they pop better.

 Precautions to take while using a popcorn device

You should follow some precautions while using a popcorn device toensure proper maintenance of the popper and the production of the best popcorn. The precautions are as follows:

  1. One should plug the device into a 110-volt circuit for proper operation.
  2. You should always switch off the kettle motor while ensuring you do not pop kernels.
  3. You should always be cautious and ensure the kettle does not get too hot.
  4. Water should never be placed on the kettle while popping corn.


This article has vividly discussed the various types of popcorn machines and precautions to take while using them.This information is vital because they work differently in different times and places.

Any potential buyer should be able to know the information above, and can thus be of great use as a reference for anyone considering purchasing one.

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