Useful Tips Regarding Your Choice of Safety Boots

As you are working you want to make sure that your safety and health is protected. Safety boots protect you from thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical risks but each shoe offers different levels of protection. This article talks about the different shoe types and what to look at while purchasing the shoe.


Wearing safety boots keeps you safe from hazard that may arise as you are working on your everyday duties. You should purchase shoes that will fully satisfy your need. The shoes can be worn with both men and women.


Steel toe

The steel toe boots have different styles and standards that exceed the expectations of the user. They have a steel toe box which is a heavy duty that protects the feet from falling and rolling objects. This boots also provide your feet with maximum protection during the day.

Slip resistant

These shoes work best in work areas where the floors might be slippery, tiled, greasy and gets wet because they have the right grip on the floor to prevent you from falling. Companies that invest in these shoes keep their employees safe and also prevent injuries that might be caused by a slip which can be expensive to pay.

Composite Toe

This shoes are made of light materials such as plastic, fiber glass, carbon fiber and Kevlar to offer you more protection and comfortability. The shoes are lighter than any other shoes due to the light materials which make the shoe weigh less. They are also the best shoes for electric work because they are non-metallic.

Puncture resistant

These shoes are more useful in maintenance, construction and engineering jobs since they have a mid sole made of steel covering the entire foot length. The outer sole is made of rubber while the upper sole is made of comfortable materials that give your feet comfort through the day.
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The shoes protect you from injuries that may arise from sharp objects such as scrap metals, needles and nails piercing through the shoe sole.

The different types of shoes will affect safety boots price in Kenya because every shoe has it’s own purpose and the more the shoe protects you from injuries and risk the higher the price.

What to look at

Height and size

It is important to choose large shoes that are of a bigger size than yours. Meaning that during a long day while you are working, your feet have enough space to swell and breathe. You can wear socks that are thick, add insulation and inserts because the shoe provides you with the extra space.

The risks you might face at the working areas determines the shoe height. Safety shoes protect the feet and ankle support to a certain height. The most preferred shoes range between 15 cm to 21cm in height and are laced above the ankles.

The height and size will affect the price of industrial safety boots since different shoes have different prices.


Even though you are supposed to choose bigger shoes, you should look at the shank, build of inner and outer sole, shoe height and have a mid sole to provide you with the best support for your feet.

Hygiene and foot care

The best shoes should be comfortable and not only protect but also care for users’ feet. To keep the feet dry at all times, the shoes should have properties that provide enough moisture. They should also be breathable so that there is enough air flowing inside and out of the shoes.


Safety boots last for a very long time therefore choose boots that will benefit you and also at your work place. Compare shoes from different stores and select those of high quality.

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