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With the majority of modern dating activity taking place via dating apps, being safe about meeting with new dates is important to your health and safety. The good news is that taking the necessary precautions is quite simple once you know exactly what you need to do before and during each anticipated date. To prepare you for the online dating world, let’s dive into the importance of verifying potential dates and a few more helpful tips you should have.Of course, if you want to feel safe and guaranteed, you might want to use reputable dating apps like Adult Friend Finder (you can read more about them here: They’re one of the most used ones in the world.

Verify your potential dates before you meet up with them.

Knowing who you’re going out with is crucial to avoiding people who may be potentially dangerous. Fortunately, you can easily learn more about someone using a service like GoLookUp. All you need to get started is their first name, their last name, and where they live in the United States, and you will be able to access public records via a background check.

This people search will tell you more about arrest records, marriage records, mugshots from criminal records, and other vital information like whether or not they have a violent criminal past that could be problematic should you meet with them or otherwise give them your personal information. Although it’s unlikely that such a search will yield further information about them that may be concerning, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!

Always recommend public meeting spots for first dates.

Going to someone’s house or having someone come to your house for a first date is largely advised against. Public spaces are the safest meeting area, and it’s important that you don’t allow them to drive you so that you have your own transportation should you decide you’re not comfortable and wish to leave.

With that in mind, what are the best safe date ideas that you can pursue to see whether or not it’s a match? Some excellent recommendations include grabbing a coffee or some lunch with them, going out to do a fun activity like bowling or laser tag, or even going for a more classic dinner and a movie date. As long as you’re in public and you feel safe, everything should go according to plan.

Make sure to let a trusted friend know and share your location.

Taking all of these extra steps may sound like you’re being paranoid, but it’s important to play it safe as not taking the necessary precautions and finding yourself in danger is the last thing anyone wants to happen. 

Visit and find your partner. Once you’ve spoken to the person and established a place and time to meet, reach out to a trusted friend or family member and share important details with them like a picture of the date and any contact information you may have.

You may also want to share your location so that they know where you are if they need to come get you should anything happen. Once the date has concluded or even during the date, you should text them and let them know how everything’s going so that they don’t have to worry. When you use all of these tips together, you shouldn’t encounter any potential issues you haven’t planned ahead for.

Online dating isn’t necessarily a world that is scary or inherently dangerous. However, online dating has made it easier for people with bad intentions to go out with others without sparing any details about who they are or the life they lead. As someone navigating the dating world, playing it safe is always the best course of action. Before you go on any date, verify your date’s identity, plan to go somewhere public, and share any and all necessary information with someone who can help you or contact the authorities should anything go awry.

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