Wellmien Health Care

Wellmien health care was established in 2006 and has continued to grow to date. The company has marked an impression on the marketplace for the last fifteen years. With more than 35 million USD annual sales, Wellmien has expanded its business worldwide, specifically in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. All health care products are gone by the CE certification of the ECU Union (EU) and have FDA Medical Device Listing. Quality is maintained throughout each process.

Manufactured and Available products

Outdoor emergency products include CPR masks, vomit bags, and emergency sleeping bags. There can be accidents where the hospital or clinic isn’t nearby, and a medical emergency is required on the spot. In such scenarios, outdoor emergency products are available handy. Moreover, essential first aid kits that every household has also compromise such items as alcohol wipes and bandages.

Then there are medical consumables which have three types of products: Wound care, care, and testing consumables. Wound care products are used for fast healing and are required in emergency wards and care kits and include products like hydrocolloid dressings and silver dressings. Dental care products are utilized daily operation and include items such as floss supplies and dental bibs. Testing consumables are required in hospitals, clinics, and research labs for testing purposes. An example of this is vacuum blood sample tubes and dippers used for blood testing. Last but not least, it also manufactures disposable beauty products that are widely and commonly used in beauty parlors and salons. These products ensure hygiene maintenance within a parlor, for example, disposable bra and cotton pads.

Staff and Management of Wellmien health care

A very experienced and dedicated team of professionals is responsible for maintaining the standard and increasing sales and production. The important personals that make everything happen include Mr. Valor Zhu as the Managing Director, Miss Grace Liu as the Director, Miss Bella Shen, Miss Candice Bai, and Miss Sophia Wang as the Senior Sales Rep.

There are different departments for each working: marketing and sales, research and customer care department. With precise product knowledge, market awareness, and the required skill set, the company continues to provide the best possible services. Each individual works complex to produce the best outcome on their end, and hence the teamwork pays off as it can be seen physically in the products. Around three hundred employees work in the 8000 square meter factory outlet and sales headquarters in Jiangsu, China. 

How to place an order?

Wellmien health care has a well-detailed website, displaying all its products with every possible information required by the customer. After you have selected the products you wish to purchase and their quantity, you can reach out to the company in the most feasible way provided. There are three mediums through which you can place your order and discuss your further concerns. These include WhatsApp, phone calls, and email. All details and contact information is available on the website. 

Suppose you plan to purchase some product in bulk or large quantities and be sure about the product. Wellmien provides the facility of delivering samples prior to the shipment of the whole order, in case there are some problems you want to address. Once you are satisfied, you can continue with the process of ordering.

You can either use PayPal or L/C to make it convenient for payment. As these are worldwide known methods for payment, they are safe for transactions and efficient as they can be done from anywhere, even if you are not located in China itself.

Wellmien provides worldwide delivery services are provided with flexible and efficient logical arrangements. All delicate items are well packed to ensure that no damage is done and avoid inconvenience and discomfort to the customer. As the company also assists overseas delivery, it supports swift delivery options in case the customer demands urgent orders.

Contribution towards the medical industry

Wellmien has continued to serve for the betterment and availability of health care products and equipment throughout the countries and areas in the world. It is important to understand that places are often deprived of proper yet primary essential products because the equipment isn’t available nearby. 

A recent example of this is the crisis and shortage of medical face masks during the covid virus. During the peak time of the prevalent virus, medical stores ran out of essential items such as toilet paper and face masks. And places that had these items sold them at over-priced rates. At the same time, Wellmien health care continued with high demand production of such products at the standard price rates to serve the community and its people. The company has continued to mark its importance and play its role in the medical field and at the community level and will continue to do so in the future.

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