Why Should You Wear Elevator Shoes?

We all have heard the stories about famous short actors who wear elevator shoes or lifts to make themselves appear taller when attending the red carpet. Tom Cruise will always have a pair on when attending an awards show or movie premiere. He is known for being short and going to extreme lengths to appear taller when standing next to his movie costars.

There are often three main things you will read about elevator shoes or lifts on the internet. The first main commentary on elevator shoes is from women. They will say things such; “They are obvious” or “you look ridiculous.” The second main comment is from tall men who will say; “you just need to be more confident in your own skin” or “being tall isn’t that important.” Finally, you will read or watch content produced by shoe salesmen. They will often say things such as; “they will change your life,” “women will fall all over you,” or “they will solve all of your problems.

None of those opinions are correct, but short or even average height men can benefit from wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes. Let’s start by looking at an extremely brief history or timeline of elevator shoes.

History of Elevator Shoes (or Heels)

Elevator shoes are becoming more popular as the stigmas around them begin to fall away. The first shoes with heels were worn by Persian soldiers in the early 10th century. The heel allowed the soldiers to more easily fit their feet into their horses’ stirrups. Heels became even more popular in the 16th to 18th centuries because royalty, such as Catherine de Medici and King Louis XIV of France, began to wear them during formal events. Eventually, heels became associated with women’s fashion only and gained an unmasculine designation by society.

Elevator shoes can still benefit men if they can overcome the social stigma of wearing them. They won’t solve all of life’s problems like the salesman will say, but they can help in other ways.

Benefits of Wearing Elevator Shoes

The main benefit of wearing elevator shoes is that they will make you taller. They don’t serve the same purpose as the ancient Persian soldiers used them for, but heels can still benefit the modern man. Another benefit of wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes is that they can make you more confident. This can be portrayed in your conversations with people or your internal monologue. Sometimes it can even cause you to walk more confidently. Adjusting the way you walk because of your elevator shoes could also help in fixing your posture. As more and more people work at desks having good back posture can be aided by wearing shoes with heels. Finally, one benefit of modern elevator shoes is that they are hard to distinguish from normal shoes.

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