Why you must buy your wigs from luvme?

If you are having a good hair day it seems to make everything else better. So what if we tell you that there is a way you can have a good hair day every day? With human hair wigs, you will enjoy a good hair day every day. You will be able to get a good hairstyle every day doesn’t matter if you are at the office or home. Now with wigs, you don’t have to worry anymore about whether your hair looks good or not. Because good quality human hair wigs always give its wearer a good hairstyle that stands out. In this article, we will talk in detail about three types of human hair wigs that give the wearer a very beautiful hairstyle.  These wigs are Basic Afros Inspired wigs, human hair bundles, and HD lace wigs.

Basic Afros Inspired Wigs

Basic Afros Inspired wigs are the line of wigs that are developed and manufactured especially for African women. The main idea behind this category launch by luvme is to honour the primary hair of black women and give them the importance they deserve.

Why you should buy Basic Afro Inspired wigs?

Every woman wants natural looking hair and the same goes for African women. When we talk about natural hair there are two important points to consider one the hairline should look as natural as possible which means nobody should be able to see the installation traces.  And the second point to consider is that the shape of the wig matches the wearer’s shape and the color of the skin. Luvmehair considered these two important points while designing and producing their Basic Afro Inspired wigs. So if you are an African woman who wants a wig that will suit your face shape and color then you should definitely consider buying Basic Afro Inspired wigs. Not only these wigs will look stunning on all African women but these wigs will very nicely protect their real hair too.

Human hair bundles

Human hair bundles are a great tool for making any kind of high quality wig. Human hair bundles are a very critical component of a high quality wig. If you have good quality lace but don’t have good quality human hair bundles then the wig will not look very natural. With human hair bundles, we can manufacture any kind of wig we want for ourselves or someone else. If you are making a good quality wig or want to make a good quality wig we would suggest a store from where you can buy premium quality human hair bundles. From the luvmehair store, you can buy premium quality hair bundles for a good price.

HD lace wigs

HD lace wigs are made from high definition lace this lace is also called Swiss Royal lace. This is the highest quality of lace which is used to make premium quality wigs. The special feature of HD lace wigs is that the lace becomes invisible to the naked eye once it is attached to the scalp. With these wigs, the wearer can get an exposed hairline. The HD lace wigs are suitable for women of all colors and skin tones. 

How to take care of HD lace wigs?

As the lace of HD lace wigs is thinner compared to other types of wigs so you should be very careful while handling these wigs. You should carefully remove the glue if it’s not glueless. While washing you must be gentle. While brushing start from the bottom to avoid hair shedding.


Basic Afros Inspired wigs, human hair bundles, and HD lace wigs all have their own special features. Basic Afros Inspired wigs are made especially for African women keeping their skin color and face shape in mind. Human hair bundles are must have product if you want to make a good quality wig. HD lace wigs are one of the most popular wigs in the market for giving a natural hair effect to the wearer. You can buy any of these wigs from luvmehair in high quality. Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to decide which wig you should buy.

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