Wig Wearers Wonder about these 3 Questions: Where is the Wig Install Near Me? What is a Throw On and Go Wig? What is Wedding Hair Style for Wigs? We Simply Answered them here.

Where is the wig stall near me? What is a throw on and go Wig? What is the wedding hair style for wigs? These are frequently asked questions by wig wearers. This article simply and clearly answers these questions

  • Wig Install Near Me 

Not all wigs are easy to install. Especially installing lace front wigs or full lace wigs needs expertise and a professional hairstylist. As a result, you will need a wig install near you. 

In the digital world, it is quite easy to find and reach out to a wig install. There are many internet pages under the name of wig install near me. For example, using Luvme Hair’s wig install near me page, you can reach out to tens of local professional hairstylists and have your wig installed. 

When you land on the page, you will see a list of professional hairstyles from different locations. You can customize your search by entering your city or zip code, so you can list the local hairstylists in your location. You can find different information about these hairstylists like the range of the service or the price of wig installation. 

You normally book an appointment with the local hairstylist. Every hairstylist has its own appointment, service and price policy. Depending on the business schedule of the hairstylist, you should book your appointment in advance for up to one month. If you have an urgency like a wedding, some hairstylists may offer you express services. 

You should pay a deposit at a percentage of the wig install fee to book the appointment. If you cancel your appointment, the deposit is usually non-refundable. Along with this, you can re-schedule the appointment using the deposit you have paid. 

The session for basic wig install is 90 minutes. You pay $ 80-90 for this session. That said, the custom installation of different wigs will be charged at different rates. For example, when I have a look at the prices of a hairstylist, which I find on the Luvme Hair’s Wig Install Near Me Page, I see that the front lace install for 2 hours and 15 minutes is $ 195, 360 frontal/full lace install for 2 hours $275, closure wig install for 1 hour and 30 minutes $165 and U part wig install for 1 hour and 3 minutes $100. 

In short, you can easily reach out to your local hairstyle for your wig installation using a wig install near me page. 

  • What is a Throw On and Go Wig? 

A throw on and go wig is a wig that you can wear instantly without using glue, attaching clips or adjusting the lace. That is why you can wear these wigs by yourselves and do not need the help of a hairstylist. These wigs are not only stylish but also practical and economical. 

Luvme Hair developed throw and go wigs exclusively for women so that they can maintain their hair beauty by wearing a beautiful wig in their hectic life. Women in the working life sometimes may not find time or energy for maintaining their hair beauty. For that reason, they need a simple solution for this. Luvme Hair designs and develops throw on and go wigs, considering this need of working women. 

There is no installation process for throw on and go wigs. After putting on the wig cap, it will be enough to just put on the wig and style it with your bare hands. Wearing a throw on and go wig is as easy as this. In that way, you can keep up with the pace of your work or life without spending much time on your wig and styling your hair. 

Here are some throw on and go wigs from the Luvme Hair collection. 

Throw On & Go Curly Wigs with Bangs 

This is an iconic wig from Luvme Hair. The combination of the curly texture with bangs is really cute and cool. 

Throw On & Go Fluffy Afro Curly Wig with Natural Fringe 

This is another curly wig. It enables you to have an African-style hair look. 

  • Wedding Hair Style for Wigs 

The big day is nearing, and you have arranged everything for your wedding; the wedding venue arranged, guests invited, bridal dress chosen, wedding cake ordered and other preparation made. Now, it is time to prepare your hair. If you are not pleased with your natural hair, why not wear a stylish wig at your wedding? Thus, you can have the wedding hair style that you desire for your wedding. 

It is most probably that you will prefer a full hair and would like to have a wide variety of wedding hair style options for your wedding wig. That is why you should choose long wigs or wigs that give you a full look. Here are some wig types that will give you a full look and different styles. 

Your first choice can be lace front wigs. These human hair wigs fully match your skin color and provides a natural look. At the same time, they are very chic. Your other choice can be full lace wigs. These wigs enable you to have numerous hairstyles options. Among these wedding hairs styles, you can choose your favorite one and look gorgeous at your wedding. Another option can be closure wigs. With these wigs, you can both have different styles and a simple and economical option. 

These are some wedding hair styles that you can try on your wedding wig. 

A full ponytail 

This wedding style really goes well with your wedding dress and other wedding accessories 


Curls can be a nice alternative for your wedding. 

A Chignon

It is one of the good alternatives for your wedding.  

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