XNT Broker Review: A Comprehensive Look at Their Services

In this XNT Broker review, I will provide an objective analysis of the company’s offerings and share my personal opinion about their services.

About XNT Broker

XNT LTD is a financial and technological company that provides direct market access to a wide range of financial instruments across 50+ global markets through a single multi-currency account. The company was created by professional investors for professional investors, with a focus on providing the best execution, personalized user experience, and premier service to its clients.

XNT Broker’s Offerings

XNT Broker provides an impressive range of financial instruments and access to global exchanges and markets. The products offered by the broker include:

  • Stocks & ETFs
  • Currencies
  • Metals
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Funds
  • Bonds

Let’s dive deeper into these offerings.

Stocks & ETFs

XNT Broker offers a vast range of stocks and ETFs from various global markets. With 100% live prices, traders can invest in blue chips, new IPOs, and everything in between. The available stock exchanges include major markets in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


With 50 currency pairs available, XNT Broker provides a comprehensive currency trading service. The ultra-low latency and fast execution of 10ms make it a solid choice for currency traders. Major, minor, and exotic currency pairs are available for trading.


XNT Broker offers a variety of metals for trading, including copper, gold, silver, and platinum. Traders can invest in metals on the spot or through derivatives such as futures and options, or ETFs.

Futures & Options

With access to over 30 global futures markets and more than 500,000 options, XNT Broker provides an impressive potential for portfolio diversification. Traders can easily manage and monitor markets with the help of the option board and access to Greeks and IV (Implied Volatility) metrics.


Traders can invest in a wide variety of bonds, including exchange-traded and OTC bonds, and state and private bonds from governments around the world. XNT Broker’s bond screener is a powerful comparison tool that allows traders to search for and invest in their preferred bond choice efficiently.

Account Types Offered by XNT Broker

XNT Broker offers two different account types: individual or corporate. The initial funding for individual account holders is 10,000 EUR/GBP or its currency equivalent, while for corporate account holders, it’s 50,000 EUR/GBP or its currency equivalent. Traders can also open separate private and corporate accounts.

In addition to live accounts, XNT Broker also offers a demo account with simulated funds for those who want to practice their trading skills before committing real money.

XNT Broker’s Trading Platform

XNT Broker’s trading platform offers direct access to all financial markets and instruments on offer from a single multi-currency account. The platform is available on mobile and on desktop, ensuring low latencies and high security.

The platform offers a comprehensive trading experience, with features such as account balance, trade activity, real-time market data, position overview, current orders and historic order review, bond screener, click-trade function, transfers between accounts, and transaction history overview.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, XNT Broker is a reliable and trustworthy broker that offers a strong trading network and an impressive range of financial instruments. Their focus on providing the best execution, personalized user experience, and premier service makes them a worthy choice for professional traders and institutional clients.

Whether you’re a private investor, a wealth manager, a family office, or a bank or financial company, XNT Broker can provide you with the tools and services you need to succeed in the financial markets. Their commitment to technology and openness is evident in their product offerings and trading platform, making them a solid choice for those looking for a high-quality broker.

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