5 Major Causes of Foundation Repair Problems in Palm Harbor, FL

Foundation repair problems in Palm Harbor, FL are considered critical when it comes to building repairs and restoration. That is because of their complexity and connected problem nature in the first place. Connected problem nature basically refers to the idea that one problem can lead you to other major or minor issues when dealing with foundation damages. 

Foundation problems should not be taken for granted and left unattended. Instead, as soon as you discover a problem, you should call in the professionals and let them take a look at it. These damages are not caused overnight. They generally start with minor signs. 

It is essential to look out for such signs and call-in help before it gets too late. In most cases, unattended foundation problems lead to more significant floor deformation or permanent structural damage to your house. 

Top 5 Causes of Foundation Repair Problems in Palm Harbor, FL

There can be several reasons that cause foundation problems. But, let’s have a look at some primary points that cause foundation repair problems in Palm Harbor, FL:

  • Expansive Clay Soil

Several areas of the country have a higher rate of foundation problems than other areas. The reason for the difference is expansive clay soil. Generally, clay acts like a sponge with changes in moisture concentration as it is clear that the foundation exerts a significant amount of pressure onto the ground. 

So, if the soil beneath your house has a higher concentration of clay in it, it is more likely for your home to have foundation problems. 

Constant expanding and shrinking of the ground concerning seasonal moisture change may prove brutal for the foundation of your house. It will not be an immediate practical problem but weakens the foundation of your home from time to time.

  • Improper Compaction of the Soil

One of the common reasons for foundation repair problems is the improper compaction of the soil. When a relatively newer house faces a foundation repair problem, it is usually because compaction beneath the foundation has not been appropriately done, leaving foundations at the risk of settlement.

In order to prevent this problem from the beginning, make sure to thoroughly compact the soil beneath your house foundation at the time of construction and have it inspected by professionals.

  • Extreme Seasonal Cycles

If you happen to live in areas that face extreme seasonal cycles or complete seasonal shifts, you are more likely to face foundation repair problems. For instance, a land whose weather fluctuates between drought and floods will have drastic changes in soil moisture. In other words, the composition of ground beneath you will keep changing hence damaging the foundation of your house.

There is nothing man can do against the force of nature, but keep an eye on foundation problem symptoms if you live in such areas. For example, if you have a water drainage problem or a random window or door starts misbehaving, it’s time to call in the pros and look for potential problems.

  • Below-Slab Leaks

Another common reason for foundation repair problems in Palm Harbor, FL is below-slab fluid leaks. Below-slab connections are usually hard to access and cause much trouble if malfunctioned. 

If you catch the leak early on and fix it, there is no harm in that. But if water is herded beneath your house in a large quantity, then the overall integrity of your home might be weakened. To prevent such problems, you can avoid such connections beneath the foundation at the time of the design of your house.

  • Tree Roots

Roots of large trees extending below the foundation of your house are another one of the causes of foundation repair Palm Harbor, FL. If you have large trees near your house, it may prove harmful to its integrity. 

Roots suck up all the water beneath the foundation of your home, leaving shriveled soil. This causes the foundation to settle unevenly hence damaging it.

Foundation problems usually prove a nightmare for homeowners. They cost a lot of resources and time. Whatever the cause of your foundation problems are, they should be corrected as soon as possible to minimize the damages to your property.

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