Celebrate Dussehra By Making These Desserts At Home

As we all know, Dussehra is a festival that celebrates good over evil. After nine days of Navratri, Ramayan is enacted, and Ravan Dahan is one that takes place. Everyone celebrates this festival, teaching the younger one the importance of goodness in one’s life. The festival is also celebrated with delicious delicacies. Yes, some fast for nine days of Navratri and then open up the fast on Dussehra. Therefore, you would see many different desserts that people serve to their loved ones. Some look for online cake delivery to celebrate the Dussehra with lip-smacking cakes, and some look for sweet shops from where they can bring a different variety of desserts. Yes, some look for a new cake online delivery app to send decadent Dussehra cake to their loved ones. But mostly every one of us is confused regarding which desserts can make Dussehra more memorable, and therefore, we are here to help you. We have gathered some delicious desserts that will make everyone happy and will leave a lasting impression on them. The recipes are readily available, and making these desserts at home is no challenging task. So, on this Dussehra, show off your culinary skills with the luscious desserts that we suggest here. Let’s make this Dussehra special together.

Dussehra Special Cake

Baking a cake is now accessible with all the tools and techniques. And with the right ingredients, it doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore. So, if you are looking for a dessert that will bring a smile to everyone’s face, then Dussehra special cake would be the right fit. It is impressive to bake a cake at home, especially a chocolate cake; nobody can deny having it, and it can be low in sugar as well. So, what do you think? Would you like to ditch traditional sweets and bake a cake?

Mava Gulab Jamun

Is it even possible to say no to Gulab Jamun? And who said Gulab Jamun are tough to prepare. With the right ingredients and consistency, this lip-smacking dessert will be prepared in no time. In the hot oil, as you put the dough pieces, the brown colour without breaking will prove how properly you made it and then as you dip in the melted sugar, their size will increase, and the balls would look worth devouring. So, try it at home on this Dussehra.


Malpua is the dessert from the Malwa region of India. Though it is not that challenging to cook, some people do find it a little tricky, and it is okay. If you follow the correct instructions, you will see that a Puri dipped in melted sugar will be loved by your family members. This is a traditional dessert served everywhere in Malva, but many people are still now aware of this dessert, but you can try it at home and amaze your family members with your skills.


Who hasn’t eaten this orange sweet of happiness? In some places, it is served with Jalebi, and in others, it is served alongside Poha, but not to forget, almost everyone is fond of this dessert. Making this dessert at home is easy. First, prepare the batter, add the right amount of food colour and then take a cloth or piping bag and fill the batter in it. Once the oil is hot enough, add the batter in a spiral shape and let it cook. Now, take out the Jalebi, let it rest for a while and then add it to the sugar syrup along with some saffron leaves, and it is ready to serve.


When we are not interested in making anything, then Kheer is the best option to choose, especially on the eve of Dussehra when some guests might arrive at home. Rice Kheer, Sabudana Kheer, Mawa Kheer, Sevai Kheer are pretty famous among people. They do not literally take much time to cook and need no technique. The best thing is, ingredients for Kheer are already available at home so, you wouldn’t even struggle much. So, what do you think? Is Kheer the proper dessert for Dussehra?

Well, these are some of the luscious desserts that you can prepare at home. They are easy to make and are good to win every heart. For the family that has a sweet tooth, these desserts will create magic at the Dussehra festival. So, select accordingly and prepare one for your dear and near ones.

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