Essential details about the leaf blower

The leaf sweeper is a device that has made cleaning our compounds easier. This machine has outdone rakes that are used on most grounds. However, you might ask yourself why I need a blower. What is the advantage of having one and many other queries? Well, we are here for you. This article will explain all you need to know about the sweeper.

If you have big deciduous trees on your compound, you might realize that the leaves tend to fall off after harsh windy weather or during autumn when the tree matures. It leaves your place all littered with a mountain of leaves. Most of the time, this leaves you very frustrated, and when you decide to clean the mess using your rake, the work becomes a bit hectic and tiresome.

You do not have to go through all this because the leaf sweeper answers all your problems. This machine makes cleaning your compound easier and faster. The blower is not only used during spring; you can also use it to clean your porch, driveway, or even the patio.

Types of leaf sweepers

According to leaf blower kenya, there are various leaf sweepers to choose from, depending on your preference. They include;

  • Gas leaf sweepers
  • Corded electric
  • Cordless electricity ( battery sweepers)

There are also different styles of the blower, including

  • Handheld gadget
  • Backpack blowers
  • Wheeled blowers

The choice of your machine purely depends on the type of task you are looking to take with the device. Also, ensure that you follow all safety precautions when using your machine, like wearing a dust mask for your lungs and goggles for your eyes.

Features of a Leaf Sweeper

Attached Vacuum

The vacuum is not inbuilt into the machine; therefore, you have to install it to the device first before flipping the switch to hoover the leaves.

Collection Bag

It comes with vacuum-enabled blowers. It acts as the dirt carrier for the vacuumed leaves. Usually, the bag comes in different sizes depending on the number of leaves you are looking to hoover.

Flared Nozzle

Enables concentration of airflow and increases the power of the leaf blower.


It regulates the vibration of the machine. However, it might not be 100% effective, but it tries to minimize vibrations, ensuring you are comfortable using the device.


From the word itself, you can conclude that this is a feature found on most handheld models. But most of them have a single handgrip, while some comprise two.

Cruise Control

The cruise control feature is a standard feature on electric blowers to avoid overworking you. Imagine having to hold the ON button for an hour continuously. Sounds tiresome and frustrating, right?

Shoulder Strap

The devices are most common on backpack blowers. It acts as a support for the machine.

Variable Speed

This button is used to either increase or decrease airspeed to prevent damage to the ground.


The essential information you need to know about the leaf sweeper is mentioned above. After going through all this information, it is evident that the blower is the way to clean your compound.

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