Elements you need to know about the milkshake machine

A drink mixer is a countertop electric mixer that makes flavored milk, flips, and other beverages. You can use it in ice cream shops and fast food restaurants. Depending on the intended purpose, one can find the milkshake in all sizes.

The best fact about milkshake machines is that they are quicker in creating colder, thicker, and tastier products. The milkshake machine produces quality drinks and gives both client and seller a run for their money as it’s both practical and more efficient than other machines. It increases the nutritional content of the end product.

The machine has an exterior casing of stainless steel and interior stainless steel. It ensures easy maintenance and cleaning of the equipment, thus ensuring that one meets high standards. This structure enables for easy portability of the machine from one point to another.

How the milkshake machine works

A milkshake machine consists of a stand, a motor, and a removable cup. The engine is connected to the vertical frame at the bottom.

It is then connected to a small agitator of wavy metal or plastic and has a flat base where one can place the removable cup.

It uses electricity to run the motor.

Factors to consider before purchasing the machine

  • Purpose

One can use the machine for both commercial and domestic use.

  • Sources of power to power the machine.
  • The model of the device and the energy consumption of the machine
  • The maximum capacity output of the machine
  • The ultimate machine runs over a specific duration of time.
  • The availability of spare parts in the market.
  • The cost of purchasing the device and its maintenance cost.

Advantages of the milkshake machine

  1. It is durable.
  2. It increases production.
  3. It is cost-effective.
  4. It is safe to use

The following are different types ofmilkshake machines. The milkshake machine price in Kenya varies according to the kind of machine.

Industrial milkshake machine specification

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Use the power of 180 w
  • Voltage:110v
  • It has a capacity 0f 800 ml
  • Dimensions:20.87×7.09×6.3 inches
  • Source of power: electric powered.
  • Speed18000RMP
  1. Portable milkshake machine


  • Made of stainless steel
  • The capacity of 0.38 liters
  • Net weight of 980g
  • Source of power: Battery powered.
  • 3. Electric machine


  • Stainless steel
  • Power;280 w
  • Capacity:800ml
  • Cup size 10 17 cm

Others include the following:

Restaurant milkshake machine

Commercial milkshake machine

Safety precautions

  • Ensure you put on the lid while using the machine to avoid spillage.
  • Before opening the lid, ensure that you turn off the machine power.
  • Ensure that the cable is not lying on a hot surface while in use.
  • Ensure you read the instruction carefully before using the machine.
  • Avoid opening the motor with wet hands. The device is plugged into a power source.


It is worthwhile to purchase the device because it is safe to use and provides efficiency. As a result, any potential buyer should conduct additional research to learn everything they can about the device.

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