Factors to Consider When Choosing a Feed Mixer Machine

Are you looking forward to increasing animal productivity? Investing in a feed mixer is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase your animal’s health within your budget. This machine will help you meet the animal nutrient requirements in the correct proportions. Let’s get through the machine and help you get the right fit.

While having enough money can help you get a high-quality product, getting the right and the required machine is not always guaranteed. In this article, we walk you through what to look for when selecting the feed mixer machine to care for your animal’s nutritional requirements. Let’s dive into it.

Type of machine

Depending on the size of your farm and number of animals, you can choose either a small or large animal feed mixer. However, a large farm with a few animals will require a small feed mixer. Still, you will need to purchase a large mixer for efficiency if you have a small farm with many animals. Consequently, productivity will increase if you make the right selection and reduce feed wastage.


Large productivity with maximum efficiency is mandatory if a farm requires high output. Therefore, go for a horizontal animal feed mixer. This type is crucial and is equipped with rotating drills that are good for preparing feeds with huge bales. Operation is among the major determinants influencing the feed mixer machine price in Kenya.

For small and medium-sized farms, you will require a mixer that consumes less energy with a lower output but produces enough to cater to your animals. It may require you to have a vertical animal feed mixer that will help you achieve farming goals. It may be a good point to start, especially if you are new to farming as you scale your way upwards.


Although all animal feed mixers are good, one cannot efficiently transport all of them from one location to another. A more portable mixing machine, such as the vertical types for business, will be a good match. It allows you to transport it from one place to another on a pick-up or any other vehicle with an open space.


While most farmers will consider the price the main factor, it should always come last after exhausting other factors. A good machine should meet all your farming requirements, such as the amount of feed produced per hour. For instance, some mixers will produce 250kg/hr., while others will produce 2000kg/hr.

Generally, a larger farm will require more feed per hour and a large feed mixer machine. A small machine with only a little product will need fewer feeds and lower costs. Regardless of the price, always compare with other reputable online sellers to avoid purchasing mixers with hiked prices and low productivity.


Choosing the best feed mixing machine requires a combination of various factors. Most importantly, ensure that the machine meets your requirements for good livestock productivity. Consider the type, operation, portability, and price to get a good product

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