Making Academic Writing Creative:

Academic writing and creativity? You got to be kidding me!!!! 

No need to be surprised, but this is the legit response of most people when being asked about creativity in academic writing. Since the beginning of time, creative and academic writing have been going in the opposite directions. Academic writing has a formal tone, is a tad bit boring, and is strictly related to the topics that interest the academic world. While creative writing is mainly related to arts. 

REST ASSURED……. These two ends can still be put together with a few amazing techniques; 

Ways to make academic writing creative:

Adding a creative element to your boring academic writing can only be possible by adapting to the following strategies; 

Personal experience:

Sharing the personal experience helps in building the interest and engagement of the reader. Academic writing does not stop you from sharing your personal experience. Instead, it rather becomes a plus point as it gives you the option to relate to the topic with a real-life situation. 

For example, you are writing an essay on advertising, and you want to share the attributes of good advertising. Here you can share the advertisement of the brands that attract you the most. This way you enunciate practical learning in your readers as well. 

Go into the world of imagination:

A touch of imagination and fantasies does not hurt anyone. Therefore, one other way to add creativity to your content is by using similes and metaphors. Similes and metaphors are the terms of the English language where you compare one object or scenario with the other. 

Using similes and metaphors can help your readers understand the situation by some real-life situations that too, creatively. For example; Dissertation Writing Ukx is like baking a cake and each chapter of it is the main ingredient of this cake and all you wish during this time is if someone could Write My Dissertation For Me


One thing that tends to make academic writing boring is the repetition of words. The ultimate way to ignore the repetition is to use a thesaurus. Thesaurus is the built-in function in Microsoft word. 

Using various thesaurus will give a creative look to your dry academics and it will also eliminate the repetition of words. Remember, there is no substitute for creativity, it has its essence. But there are certain ways to add creativity to every kind of writing style. With the help of a thesaurus, set a strong foundation for your paper that compels your reader to give proper attention. 

Practice makes a man perfect:  

Keep practicing your actions makes you good at it. Now, yes students are very much busy with their academic lives accordingly, and they don’t have enough time to practice creativity. In most situations, many believe that creativity is just revealed to your mind, onto your body, and then onto your page. No need to oppose this myth, but it is also a truth that many of the best creative writers are the ones who have years of experience in content writing. It is not like you are going to run out of creativity, the more creativity you will use, the more creativity you will have. 

Therefore, a student must learn to give at least a few mins to creative writing each day. This will indeed flex those creative muscles of your brain. The ever painful structure and the formatting of academic writing can bore you soon enough. Therefore, a dose of creativity is required. And, on the brighter side, you would now be eligible to do content writing as well and not just academic writing.

Learn to work with others: 

Teamwork is the dream work. Not a single human on this earth would have survived without a little help from other humans. You would be highly expected to interact and get along with people, especially in your classrooms, to grow the fruit of creativity. 

The reason being of this interaction is making yourself aware of the various perspective of humans that can be further utilized to breed creativity. Not only writing, but you can also make PowerPoint presentations with your classmates and don’t even bother to use the normal, standard, and dry slides. Think out of the box and be creative in your academic presentations as well.

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