Permanent Vs. Floating Docks: Which One Should You Get?

From the names themselves, you can deduce what the main difference between the two is. But we will dive deeply into the advantages and disadvantages of each type in this blog. 

Before that, let us first define the dock. If the port is near the ocean, it is considered to be a dock. In a port, a dock serves as the transition between land and water. Based on the material to be used such as FRP grate, prices change.

An area on a coast known as a dock allows boats to unload and reload. The dock is also where passengers board and deplane. If the port is near the ocean, it is considered to be a dock.

Permanent Dock 

Permanent docks are assembled and fastened permanently, as the name implies. Docks that are permanently installed are made to last for many years.

To keep your boat in place, underwater piling is fixed or secured. The depth of the water where it is placed determines the length of the pilings needed to keep it fixed.

Fixed docks don’t need to be completely immovable and demanding to build and work. Some can be altered to include height-adjustment features to better adapt to changing water levels.


A permanent dock can, first and foremost, significantly extend your property. Boat docks increase the worth of your home. It has a better level of safety and security as compared to floating docks. 

Moreover, permanent or fixed docks are less impacted by water flow. For areas with strong tides or currents, as well as lots of wave action, such as high-traffic areas, fixed docks are typically a better option.

When compared to floating docks, permanent docks can support heavier objects as well. They are dependable and strong.

Additionally, stationary or fixed docks are appropriate for shallow water or for water under four feet. Finally, they last longer than floating docks. 


The repairs are difficult and expensive with fixed docks as compared to floating ones. Longer, more expensive pilings are required for fixed docks in bodies of water with greater depth, and these pilings eventually bend and warp.

For projects in deep waters or regions with significant water level changes, permanent docks might be troublesome. 

Additionally, it is difficult to enter and exit the water with a fixed dock. If the water level is too far below a fixed dock, it might be difficult to board your boat. 

Finally, as compared to floating docks, fixed docks require extensive planning and permits. 


A dock building Charleston SC typically costs somewhere around $2,600 and $21,000, based on the type of dock constructed and the project’s overall size.

Depending on the complexity of the dock you want, the cost of fixed options could also reach as high as $75,000 for a comprehensive dock.

Floating Dock

Because they essentially float on the water’s surface and fluctuate in height with the water, the floating dock is what its name implies. 


If the water level changes frequently, a floating dock is the safest option. You can easily transition from the port to your boat thanks to this type of dock, which follows the level of the water.

A floating dock is the best option if you reside in a region that frequently experiences severe weather. Your boat will rock back and forth when inclement weather, like a hurricane, strikes because of the wind and waves. The boat will move along with a floating dock.

They can be built from an array of substances, making them appropriate for changing contexts and price ranges. They have less of an impact on the sediment than fixed docks, so the permit process is also straightforward.


Generally speaking, when floating docks move through the water, they generate noise. 

A floating dock might be too close to the lake or river bottom if it is placed in water that is shallow or less than four feet deep. A hole in the dock’s bottom would prevent it from floating.

Finally, they are not advised in water areas with a lot of traffic.


A floating dock typically costs somewhere around $15 and $40 per square foot, including the building fees. Based on the material to be used, prices change. 

If you want to know more about dock building costs, call the best company for dock building Charleston SC

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