Problems encountered after breast augmentation

Breast surgery is a major surgery. It is also a surgery to insert a silicone or artificial breast into the body. Problems encountered after breast augmentation can occur in many forms, and many of them include abnormal symptoms that require immediate medical attention and abnormalities that can occur. It is normal for breast surgery as follows:

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  1. Abnormal symptoms after breast augmentation surgery that need to see a doctor

          – After breast augmentation surgery or during the recovery period, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath

          – swelling does not decrease There is a burning sensation and redness around the breast. A high fever may also be a sign of infection.

          – Chronic pain resulting from surgery, recurring, or the wound is completely healed but still feeling pain

          – Severe back and shoulder pain Green bruises and abnormal papules

          – Observe the abnormality of the silicone that may move or turn until or abnormally hard breasts

          – There is a blister or a hard lump in the breast or breast area, which may be caused by leaking silicone.

          – The area under the armpit has a hard lump. It could be a sign of a lymph node dysfunction.

  1. Abnormal symptoms that occur after breast augmentation and heal on their own

          – Postoperative wound pain problem It is normal for everyone who has breast augmentation surgery. The symptoms will appear for the first 3-4 weeks after the surgery. which is the rehabilitation period Then symptoms will begin to normal.

          – Feeling of pain radiating to the shoulders and back Especially the surgical wound under the armpit is often more painful. and heals more slowly than the wound on the nipple or under the nipple line Because of the abrasion of silicone added to it is large.

          – itching around the breast or itching around the surgical incision This is a symptom that may occur due to the addition of silicone. This causes the skin around the breast to become tight and itchy. The itching will disappear on its own within 1-2 weeks.

          – Numbness in the breast after surgery It is a numbness that occurs and disappears on its own within 1 month. The silicone bag may also put pressure on the entire nerve leading to loss of sensation and numbness, which may occur throughout the duration of the breast augmentation.

What position should I sleep after breast augmentation?

The problem that many people wonder or have questions after having breast augmentation surgery is: What position should I sleep after breast augmentation? Can I sleep in the normal position I used to sleep, such as lying on my stomach, lying on my side, or lying on my back? The surgeon will advise as follows:

          – During the first week after breast augmentation surgery The proper sleeping position is lying on your back. Should sleep with the upper body about 30-45 degrees high, using 2-3 pillows behind the back to keep the breast sac in place and heal the surgical wound quickly. Able to sit up easily to help prevent the wound from becoming tight or stretching the wound that can cause inflammation. In addition, sleeping with your head elevated will help your blood flow better. and help reduce swelling in the chest

          – The recovery period is between 7-30 days or more. You should lie on your back, because lying on your side if your chest is not in place. In addition to causing pain If you lie on your side for a long time, it will cause pressure on the silicone. make silicone flip

          – After breast augmentation surgery, you should wear a Post-op Bra that locks your breasts throughout your sleep. Especially during the first 1-2 months and post-op bras should be worn at all times, even during normal times.

How many days after breast augmentation to sleep on the side

After breast augmentation surgery The best care for yourself after breast augmentation is to maintain the shape of your breasts by lying in the correct position. to prevent the silicone from moving For sleeping on your side or on your stomach, you can do the following:

          – If it is breast augmentation surgery through the breast rail, during the 3 month period, which is the recovery period, you should not lie on your stomach. This can be dangerous, causing the sutured thread to come off prematurely or causing pressure ulcers.

          – The side sleep In the case of armpit breast augmentation, 3 weeks after the surgery, if there is no pain in the wound, you can lie on your side.

          – Lying on the stomach, I have to wait for the inflammation of the muscles to decrease first. It may take at least 2 months after breast augmentation surgery.


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