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SEO vs. Local SEO: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Use?

In today’s world, most people use search engines for their online experiences. People do many things like gaining knowledge, shopping for groceries and essentials, booking medical appointments, and much more. Search Engine Optimization makes sure to provide you with the best search results according to your needs and previous search histories. 

Most of the local SEO company in Sydney work on both organic and local SEO. They especially work to shoot up traffic in local businesses. If you are confused about whether to local SEO company or organic SEO, this article will clear your doubts.

Understanding Differences

The main aim of both traditional and local SEO is to amplify your rank in google search. It will help people from various communities with various needs to approach your business. It will help you to increase your business area and increase customers. Local Search Engine optimization will help to improve your reach locally, in your state, and its outskirts. 

About Traditional SEO

In any sector of work, traditional SEO is valuable and has many strategies to amplify the search rank of your business. SERP search results provide you with top searches even without clicking. Featured snippets, reviews, various site links, infographics, and more features are included in SERP searches. 

Strategies Own By Traditional SEOs

  • Search for crucial and relevant keywords on your websites and highlight them.
  • Explain your products, services, their qualities, and about your business in detail on your website.
  • The loading time of your website should not keep your customers waiting.
  • It makes your websites responsive and with smooth user interface designs.
  • To improve your domain authority, earn backtracking links from websites with high SEO ranks.

The SEO experts in Sydney make sure to follow all these strategies and many more to keep your websites on the top of the google rank. They help people to approach your business and purchase your products, which may increase the revenue of your business.

About Local SEO

Local SEOs work as a subset of Traditional SEO for small businesses with small reach. If you are thinking of a trip to Sydney, you can search for hotels there. Local SEO will help you to search for the best hotels locally. As a small business, you should approach local SEOs to increase your search rank locally within your limits. 

Strategies Own By Local SEOs

The strategies which are applied for traditional SEOs may not work for local SEOs. Below some are mentioned for Local SEO.

  • Particularly concerning and optimizing profiles according to the local users’ needs. 
  • Engage with your customers and earn reviews on your local review sites.
  • Search for crucial and relevant keywords on your websites that are local and highlight them.
  • Mention crucial details on your website, specify the location of your workplace. Provide your customers with adequate knowledge of your company and the services it provides. Correct contact details, locations, and details about services also promote a business to grow.
  • To improve your domain authority, earn backtracking links from local websites with high SEO ranks.

Best For Your Business

Both local and traditional SEO experts in Sydney provide help to the business world. If your company is related to franchises, home repair services, industrial equipment, real estate, local consumer services, and pharmacies then choosing local SEO will be the correct option for you. If your business is throughout the country then you can take help from Traditional SEO.


Although local SEO is a subset of Traditional SEO, their significance is equally crucial for your website. You can take help from both to shoot up the rank of your website. Local SEO and Traditional SEO will follow the above strategies to better your google ranks. Traditional Seos will improve your reach worldwide, while local SEOs will improve your reach locally. It will allow the customers to reach you, and you will earn revenue. 

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