Essential factors about the steel bar cutter

A bar cutter is a machine used for cutting objects. There are different bar cutters, but we will discuss the steel-type bar cutter.

The steel cutter is used in different cutting like regular cutting, TMT cutting, and angle bar cutting. They all have other uses, as to be discussed below.

Increase in industrialization has led to bar cutters becoming well-known for their use in cutting various materials.The bar cutter has become popular over time for its use in the welding industry, where the cutting of materials mainly happens.

Below are some factors to look into during purchase;


In steel cutting, the recommended types of steel are the round bar, carbon bar, TMT bar, flat bar, square bar, and angle bar.

  1. Round bar is a cylindrical type of steel with its types being stainless steel, hot-rolled bar, and cold-rolled bar.
  2. TMT bar is a reinforcement bar with ribs on the outer surface to provide friction.
  3. Flat bar, also known as the rectangular bar, is long and rectangular.
  4. Square bar is also known as a rectangular bar but equal all round. It can be in cold-rolled steel, brass, aluminium, copper, and bronze
  5. Angle bars, also known as angle iron or L-bracket, are in the form of the right angle.


  • The round bar is used in most industries and is mainly used in shafts.
  • The TMT bar (thermo-mechanically treated bars) are mainly applicable in construction.
  • The flat bar is used in manufacturing to support materials.
  • The angle bar is used to add strength to support beams. They can also cover the sides and corners to protect them from corrosion.
  • The square bar is used for repairs and manufacturing.


The type of work you intend to do determine the steel bar cutter. The features of the steel cutters vary with time and kind.

  1. Round bar -The round bar can cut a minimum of 6mm to 50mm, depending on the bar variation.
  2. TMT bar – The TMT bar can cut a minimum of 6mm to 40mm.
  3. Flat bar- The flat bar can cut a minimum of 70mm to 80mm maximum and 15mm to 18mm in breadth and height, respectively.
  4. Angle bar – The angle bar can cut at least 50mm to 63mm in breadth and height.
  5. Square bar – The square bar can cut at least 32mm to 40mm in breadth and height.

Product price

The price of the bar cutter varies depending on the usage and type of the material. The stronger the bar cutter, the higher its cost, while a fragile blade costs less cash. The brands of the edges can also bring the price difference.


This article explains the determinants of buying a bar cutter and can be a great reference when purchasing one. A good quality machine has proven to be more efficient, and thus one should put it into consideration. It’s good to acquire a steel cutter for its use to avoid any damage to the machine. Check pipe threading machine.

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