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Tablets are taking over the world and making their own niche. The best part is that they have built quite a large number of audiences that favors using this tablet for their everyday work. As the trend goes on, many people are using osu tablets for the sole purpose of making use of this app. 

It is a pretty popular game that follows different kinds of rhythms.  You can download it for free on your tablet and use it. The commonly used osu tablets allow the user to play this game by making different movements using the stylus pen. 

Many find it a great way of refining their skill of using a pen that comes along with the tablet. Moreover, the game provides you with different settings and difficulty levels through which you can come up with ways to achieve new levels of skill sets. It is by far a very popular and ideal game to be used on a tablet.  Many people prefer using osu tablets for playing this particular game.

The Importance of getting right osu tablets

The osu game is all about precision and skill.  A more accurate stroke leads to more speed and a higher score. This is why we cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying the right kind of tablet for your gaming needs. 

One of the most important features when looking for a tablet is the right size.  Ensure you get an adequate size otherwise; your accuracy level might have any adverse effect.  Since this game requires a lot of hand movements, a larger tablet size may cause painful sensations in your hand after playing for longer hours. 

On the other hand, if the tablet size is too small it may affect the overall outcome and score because it doesn’t give much space for hand movements.

After conducting a general survey, it is safe to say that any medium-size tablet is perfect for osu gaming use.   Further proceeding toward the next factor, the user must consider the stylus pen that comes along with the tablet.  Make sure to check the texture and gliding ability of the stylus which is a real game changer. 

After these features, there are some more specifications that need consideration.  This includes the fact about the track ability of the tablet.  Some brands come in a complete package as they provide excellent physical features as well as the internal operating system of the tablet that goes hand in hand with the osu gaming. 

One of these brands includes VEIKK.  They have been ruling the tablet market for many years now and are famous for providing commendable service to their users by providing extremely efficient and customizable osu tablets. 

The following are a few handpicked choices as ideal osu tablets for the users We have specifically chosen these in order to provide the best experience when playing new games.

The Studio VK1560

The first on our list is the studio VK 1560.  It is one of the most sought-after drawing tablets that support a working area of 15.6 inches. With an HD screen and 92% NTSC color gamut it has a viewing angle that expands at 178 degrees. The great expanse of screen size allows the user to view clear-cut images at extreme viewing angles.  It has 7 shortcut keys that allow multiple usages and multitasking as well. 

Like most of the models offered by VEIKK this specific model also supports different kinds of operating systems.  With the pressure sensitivity of 8192, it is surely an ideal choice for your osu gaming needs. 

Wacom Intuos (Ctl 4100)  

Another osu gaming tablet is the Wacom Intuos. This particular brand is one of the favorites and many users show an inclination toward it. It is a great choice when you want to work on it for several hours without tiring yourself. It is designed to encourage an immediate response that causes minimal disruption or delays when the user is playing the game. You can choose the tablet in different colors too. 


We have established the fact that when the users are into osu gaming it is better to use a tablet they are accustomed to.  Most accurate tablets are those which have a moderate size and support constant working for many hours.  Always make sure to conduct your own research before investing in a tablet that you want to use for your osu gaming so that you are not disappointed when you actually use it for your needs.

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